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While the UFP is preparing for a new petanque-season, we are going to remember with pleasure all events that happened in the federation in 2015.

A lot of open petanque activities took place in Kharkiv. A tournament “French spring”, which is a favorite one for many people, passed the baton to the next competition, which is organized every year, “The iron news”. It is a tournament for journalists from Kharkiv. On the 23d of August there is a very big holiday – the day of  the city. Every year the petanque club of Kharkov organizes traditional competitions for the Cup of Kharkiv.

Guys from Dnipropetrovsk found a new game for themselves and  their native city. Of course it is petanque. In 2015 with the support of the UFP a petanque club “Dnepr” was organized. The founders are buying boules and looking for qualitative sport grounds.

The visit to Kharkiv’s petanque club inspired the volunteers from Dnipropetovsk and they organized a tournament among journalists too. Besides, they were teaching a lot of people how to play petanque while celebrating the day of the city in the middle of September. Both children and adults liked it and the amount of people who are interested in petanque is rising.

A new petanque club in Odessa is also waiting for like-minded people. Its organizer will play with everybody with pleasure. Those people who have never heard the word «petanque» are also welcomed.

A petanque club “Nukra” had a very productive year in Khmelnitskiy Organizers of the club hold a tournament among disabled people. They are going to do the same one again too. The Ukrainian Federation of Petanque supports new clubs and is always glad to show this game to everybody. The UFP invites you to take part in competitions and to feel the atmosphere of the game. Even if you are a new person in petanque you can create a club in your city and be sure that are not alone. You may always ask for help.

Petanque unites people.




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