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   The Ukrainian Federation of Petanque has done a lot of important steps during last 7 years. In 2009 the Protocol on cooperation between the State Secretariat for Sports and Ministry of Sports of Ukraine was drawn up. It was about petanque in Ukraine. Next year Vasyl Leskiv visited the biggest petanque school for children in Toulouse, France.    

   A lot of essential activities were done by initiators of the UFP – work with documents, getting experience and playing petanque itself. In spring 2011 the certificate of registration of public associations the UFP was received. Besides the organization chart was approved by the Launching Conference of the UFP.

   On 05/16/2011 Mr. Claude Azami, the president of the International Federation of Pétanque, coaches and judges of the IFP visited Ukraine. An important step of development of petanque in our country was an official recognition petanque as a kind of sport: the Order of the Civil Service of Youth and Sports of Ukraine from 08/05/2013 № 2672 about recognition of sports in Ukraine and changes to the order of Derzhmolodsport from 02/14/2012 №690. So, the UFP reach such a difficult but very desirable goal. In Central Gorky Park there is a ground for playing petanque in Kharkiv.

   05/28/2013 – a legal foundation of the UFP. 09/07/2013 - President of the UFP Vasil Leskiv and Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ravil Safiullin met to play petanque. They discussed further cooperation between the federation and the Ministry. 09/27/2013 - Petanque tournament - the first competition of the project "Sports Kharkiv initiative".  More productive for the UFP were 2014-2015 years. Just look at the calendar of events: 04/18/2014 - the first student Petanque Club in Kharkov was opened at the National Economic University. 04/26/2014 - Now the annual tournament of Petanque "French Spring". Besides one more petanque competition there has been in Kharkiv for 4 years. It is called “Iron news” – a tournament for journalists. 

   06/21/2014 - Deputy Minister of Sport Helen Pidhrushna visited the first in Ukraine Petanque Junior Championship. 07/19/2014 – IX Tournament among workers of diplomatic and consular organizations located in Kiev. 07/26/2014 – The Cup of Ukraine in Petanque was held in Franko Park in Khmelnytskyi. 08/23/2014 - Kharkiv Cup. 08/24/2014 - team Petanque Championship of Ukraine took place in Kharkiv on the Day of Independence. 09/01/2014 - Ukraine's first secondary school, where pupils play petanque on PT lessons in Kyiv. 4-5 September 2014 - Petanque tournament among juniors "Golden Autumn of Uzhhorod - 2014" took place in Zakarpattya. 06/04/2015 - Ukrainian Federation of Petanque became an associate member of the Sports Committee of Ukraine. 05/31/2015 nationwide competition for the cup of Kyiv "Kiev chestnuts" Cup of Ukraine - Stage 1. 09/13/2015 -  Franko Park organized the tournament . The president and members of Khmelnitsky club NUKRA of the UFP supported the idea to show and teach the game to people with defects of the musculoskeletal system, who are interested in petanque. 09/29/2015 - Ukrainian Federation of Petanque together with VTSFZN "Sport for All" organized an Open Competition for children in Kyiv. Besides, in 2015 a separate unit of the UFP was created in Dnipro. The first competitions were organized there. Equipment for the game was bought.

   Today petanque with the UFP is developing in Khmelnitsky, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro. Current goal of the Federation is development of petanque among pupils. Today petanque is added to the school program as a separate module. Children in Kyiv schools have already been playing petanque. And this is only the beginning of history...





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